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Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Briefing 12/9/17

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Briefing 12/9/17
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Lisa Wardingham 0191 6438076

Keeping Children safe in Education outlines that in addition to NTSCB training (see below), designated safeguarding leads and any deputies (DSLs) should update their knowledge and skills, (for example via e-bulletins, meeting other designated safeguarding leads, or taking time to read and digest safeguarding developments), at regular intervals, but at least annually, to keep up with any developments relevant to their role. 

This half termly safeguarding briefing provides opportunities to find out about any local or national safeguarding updates, consider current topics and themes and sharing good practice amongst colleagues. 

An agenda will be sent in advance to all DSLs on the mailing list so they can decide on the relavance of the session.  The information will be sent to all DSLs following the session (regardless of attendance) as an e-bulletin.  

In addition, designated safeguarding leads and any deputies should attend NTSCB safeguarding training at least every two years (reminders will sent).  For further information on the new training pathway for designated safeguarding leads and any deputies click here

For the NTSCB training prospectus click here

NTSCB is bookable via the North Tyneside Learning Pool.  You will need your Learning Pool user name and password.  Contact workforce development for any Learning Pool enquiries on 6438076 or email workforce.development@northtyneside.gov.uk


Target Audience

  • Designated Safeguarding Leads
  • Head teachers


  • Cross Phase

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