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A command of English is a life-essential skill. Without the ability to read, write and communicate effectively, access to learning within all other subject areas can be hindered and our participation as adults in society and employment can be significantly reduced. The English curriculum therefore offers children and young people the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will allow them to engage with the wider world around them, develop their creativity and become responsible and reflective members of their communities.

The English courses outlined within this brochure are built upon these overarching aims and address the specific and changing needs of both today’s learners and the teaching profession as a whole. As such, sessions have been provided that cover all areas of the English curriculum, including aspects of early reading and phonics, as well as whole school literacy and specific programmes to support our most vulnerable learners.

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Courses without a Date

These courses don't have a date associated with them and therefore can usually be booked for any time. See the full course details for the specifics