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Enhancing Learning

Promoting a vibrant and inclusive culture that creates a community of independent and pro-active learners is pivotal in helping children develop the skills, dispositions and attitudes to meet the challenges of life within a rapidly changing world. This will require teachers to be able to develop themselves and pupils as reflective practitioners and be able to draw upon a range of practice to create a rich and inspiring learning environment.

They will need to know and understand the learning skills that pupils need to develop in order to be able to be solve problems, reflect on their own learning journey and identify their next steps as effective learners. The range of courses available here draws on both established and emerging research and will provide delegates with examples of good practice and effective strategies to invigorate teaching and learning and enhance the learning ethos within their own settings.

Upcoming Enhancing Learning Courses

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Courses without a Date

These courses don't have a date associated with them and therefore can usually be booked for any time. See the full course details for the specifics

There are no courses in this category at the moment.