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In response to the pressures on schools to prepare for the new primary curriculum and languages becoming statutory, we are changing the MFL CPD for 2013-2014 and trying an alternative approach. We are decreasing the number of CPD sessions, but are increasing the number done during the school day, so that more intensive training can be done. We are also offering reciprocal arrangements. As the same training takes place in North and South Tyneside, but on different days, (Tuesdays in South Tyneside and Thursdays in North Tyneside) we are offering both days to schools in both LAs so that teachers have a wider choice of training days.

Over the course of the year we are going to offer an afternoon’s training for teachers in each year group in key stage 2 and are going to focus on the language skills the learner needs to develop in each year in key stage 2. The examples will be taken from the units the children should be covering in a particular year group, but there will be a much greater emphasis on sentence building, and on progression and assessment in upper key stage 2. In addition, there will be some optional twilight sessions targeted at different year groups.

The co-ordinator training will be reduced to two afternoon training sessions, but co-ordinators will also have access to in school one to one support. The co-ordinator training sessions are not only important network occasions, but also offer information on government thinking and national strategies on MFL, as well as giving opportunities for being involved in innovative, cutting-edge regional language projects.

In all training there will be an emphasis on grammar and on using the correct grammatical terms. This is to help pupils prepare for the new grammar test in English in year 6. It is widely recognised that learning a foreign language helps to develop a good grammatical knowledge.

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